Amid Abideen, a Syrian citizen based in Germany, a professional photographer and video editor,
It is characterized by its special style and distinctive touch in the world of photography
Arabic Calligraphy
Arabic calligraphy in a contemporary style, closer to the youth and characterized by streamlined and consistent, this method of the calligraphy characterized by non-compliance with any rule is mandatory, but is a free style comes according to the calligrapher and imagination. So the font must be somewhat legible and the letters must be clear even a small percentage to be easy on the receiver and light on the eye in terms of vision.
Golden Ratio
The golden ratio and its advantage in building the design, knowing that many do not realize the importance of the golden ratio in the design of logos, but it is the strongest rules and ratios to highlight the beautiful shape in a harmonious manner.
a quick look of how the branding could be applied to marketing collateral